Rajhans is a name to trust when it comes to screen changers and melt pump system. We make continuous efforts to ensure that all our products are flawless and are manufactured in strict adherence to the quality standards specified by the industry. We emphasize manufacturing products that are of export quality, and it is because of this reason, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves as the leading suppliers in Ahmedabad.

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Our Statistics

Founded in 1995, Rajhans Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd. holds the privilege to be the first company to introduce the concept of screen changers in India

30 +

Year of Established

160 +

Number of Employ

70,000 +

Factory Area SQ Ft

33 +

Presence in country

5,000 +

Happy Customers

10,000 +


Why Us ?

At Rajhans, precision is the key to creating a quality product. We also ensure that each time the quality remains consistent.

Work of precision

At Rajhans, precision is the key to creating a quality product. We also ensure that each time the quality remains consistent. Eye for detail- We have taken utmost care to create accurate machines and meet all the standards, reducing the probability of any flaw or error.

Unmatched perfection

We understand the importance of creating a flawless product, and hence our machines are designed to provide an infallible end product every time. 3 Easy to use- What makes use different from our contemporaries is that our products are easy to use. Moreover, our round the clock customer support makes it easy for you to get in touch with us if the need arises.


At Rajhans, we believe in delivering quality products every time. Rajhans Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd has held its name strong and unbeatable because of the experience and expertise. Also, the following had made us grow stronger over the years:


Quality work and customer service form the DNA of Rajhans Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd and our undeterred effort to provide the best quality product has made us the top Screen changer manufacturer in India.


No company can grow without the efforts of its team. The same applies to us as well. We have a dedicated team of experienced workforce that has helped us stand strong in screen changer manufacturers in Ahmedabad.


Infallible manufacturing and state of the art equipment ensure that we make great quality products. We adhere to stringent quality standards, and Rajhans is a name synonymous with avant-garde quality.

Our Products

Quality cannot be measured on the basis of a single instance. Quality is something that stands the test of time. Quality is about consistently delivering high performance. That’s the reason why Rajhans Melt Pumps helps you achieve high quality. Every single time.

Every Step Precise.

At Rajhans, even the tiniest of steps is given the biggest of importance. Even the simplest of detail is dealt with utmost concern. Even the smallest of tasks is never left without supervision.

Every Process accurate.

At Rajhans, each process meets all the support to go through in the smoothest and the most ideal way. Just the way it is wanted.

Every product perfect.

Finally, our perfectly crafted screen changers make it possible to create the purest and perfect products in your facility.

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