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  • Multilayer Plant
  • Master Batch Plant
  • Filler Plant
  • Pipe Plant
  • Texturizing Plant
  • Polyester Plant
  • Recycling Plant
  • Sheet Plant
  • Non-woven Fabric Plant



  • Continuous operation of filter mesh.
  • Higher output with high melt pressure withstanding capacity.
  • More production due to non-stop working of screen changer.
  • All types of polymers can be filtered as per extrusion plant.
  • It filters the plastic material and removes impurities, thereby preventing damage to the die & barrel and hence increases the life of the machine.
  • Quality of the final product remains consistently good.
  • Leakage problem gets eliminated due to “No Sealing”.
  • Absolutely eliminates the idle time.
  • Maximum utilization of plant becomes possible.
  • Increases the life of mesh and hence saves money.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Wastage control.

Installation support:
This screen changer will be installed with Barrel & Die Side Adapter Flanges, Electrical Panelwith Sensor System, followed by trial for non-stop working including pre-filling & air venting operation.